Seeking an erotic massage experience?

Kindly do redirect now, as my studio is not the appropriate place for you. If you personally cannot relax in a non sexual way or control your emotions, please behave like an adult and take responsibility for yourself and your body by seeking out those types of services  e l s e w h e r e.  Do not insult this or any massage therapist, their profesisonal reputation or their practice by:

- Asking about or alluding to unethical activities or experiences

- Pretending you have an injury or issue in an intimate area that you want focus on. (If you legitimately do, please just seek out a male practitioner or  I can refer you to an excellent local male therapist who can help you with that issue.)

- Making coy and/or suggestive comments during a massage

- Grinding and/or excessively adjusting yourself on the table

- Making inappropriate noises, breathing heavily

- Complaining about draping , complaining that you are "hot natured" or "run hot", making it known that you're "not shy"

Please don't waste my time with this kind of             . Yep, you read right.

If that's still not crystal clear, kindly refer to my intake form for all details regarding my zero tolerance policy and what occurs if a male guest is unable to behave like a gentleman. These policies will be initialed to indicate understaunding and adherence to the same, as well as signed and dated by all first time guests.

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